Complete Compliance Solutions For Emerging Regulation of AI

Governments at all levels (national, state, and even municipal) are passing a continually-growing tapestry of regulations of the use of AI. Nearly all regulation places compliance obligations not only on the creators of AI systems, but the organizations that use those systems. 

Companies, nonprofits, and educational institutions must begin understanding and planning for their obligations. Proceptual partners with our clients to do just that. 

In particular, AI regulations have addressed:

  • The use of AI in hiring
  • The use of facial recognition and employee monitoring
  • AI in certain “high risk” industries such as finance and health care

While some laws require action within the organization, many others specifically require third party audit or assurance. Proceptual provides these services.

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How does Proceptual Help?

We provide compliance audit and assurance services for the emerging range of compliance obligations. Our current services include the following; we continue to add new compliance modules as new regulations are put into effect.