Complete Your Organization’s ISO/IEC 42001 Audit for AI Management Systems

  • ISO 42001 is the emerging global, certifiable standard for AI safety and security 

  • ISO 42001 certification creates the right baseline for compliance with emerging global standards like the EU AI Act as well as forthcoming regulation in the US, Canada, Australia, and Japan

  • With years of experience auditing AI systems, Proceptual is a certified 42001 auditor

Learn More About ISO/IEC 42001 Certification


Proceptual staff have completed the necessary certification to conduct 42001 audits

The tapestry of emerging supranational, national, state, and even municipal regulation of AI, in addition to a growing list of voluntary frameworks like NIST, OECD, and the EU AI Act, have created confusion. Many organizations want to comply but don’t know how to start

ISO 42001 provides a globally-recognized, certifiable standard to ground all future AI compliance efforts

ISO 42001 audit services are appropriate for companies who have put into place the structures required by the standard and are ready for review and certification by an external auditor. 

Companies starting on their AI compliance journey should contact us to consider pre-audit preparation services

ISO/IEC 42001 requires the implementation and documentation of a number of management systems. 

Required documents for vendors of high-risk systems include:

  • Risk management
  • Continual improvement (Plan-Do-Check-Act)
  • Performance evaluation
  • Data security
  • Consumer-facing transparency