Training for the Emerging World of AI

The pace of change brought on by artificial intelligence in the last 18 months is astounding. Organizations of all sizes are trying to understand how new technology will change the way they operate. Companies are navigating:

  • Rapidly changing strategic environments
  • New regulations around the use of AI, particularly in human resources 
  • Educating their workforce on the safe and responsible use of AI

Through our work in AI compliance, Proceptual has become a leader in helping organizations navigate through uncertain waters. Our training programs, available for a range of audiences, are designed to give your team the tools it needs to navigate new technology as it comes. 

We offer training in person, live online, and recorded. Our training is non-technical and geared towards audiences across functions. 

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Jason Berry -- Echo Logistics

By the end of our hour with John, the team felt more informed and prepared for the future of technology. Further more, John took the time to answer some heavy questions at the end of his session, and even went the extra mile to stay, have lunch, and conversate with our employees. Overall, this was exactly what we were hoping for and then some, and we would absolutely recommend John to any organization looking to expand their understanding of AI, its applicable uses, wins, and shortcomings.

Kat Medida -- Kering

Thank you so much for your dynamic and engaging presentation today! It delivered the “wow” factor we were looking for while being relevant to our theme and audience. Anecdotally, we heard great feedback from the team and AI continued to come up throughout the day.

Nadia Whiteside -- Career Transition Center

John’s workshop, AI & Hiring: Navigating a New Era of Job Opportunities, has become an essential part of CTC’s curriculum, not only for our jobseekers, but for its career coaches and instructors. His expertise and presentation is superb and John’s ensures understanding and confidence about the complex and ever-evolving world of AI for professionals from all walks of life.

How can we help?

AI training for organizations of all sizes.

AI Safety in The Workplace

With or without leaders’ permission or knowledge, your employees are using AI systems like ChatGPT to do their job. This brief program trains workers throughout the organization on the safe and effective use of AI. We cover:

  • Avoiding AI-powered scams like phishing
  • Understanding and preventing bias
  • Safeguarding your organization’s IP and trade secrets 
  • Managing the challenges to AI, such as hallucinations 

Audience: The entire team, especially helpful for early career and/or frontline workers 

Available Formats: Asynchronous, live online, in person

AI Compliance and Safety: Emerging Requirements

Governments at all levels (city, state, federal, and international) are moving fast to pass regulations of the use of AI in the workplace. This program gives executives and leaders an overview of the upcoming landscape of regulation, as well as the tools to start preparing.

We cover:

  • Why AI is being regulated – what are the potential harms? 
  • The 3 pillars of safe AI 
  • Current and forthcoming regulations (updated monthly)
    • New York City Local Law 144 and its copycats 
    • The EU AI Act
    • Federal AI regulation and legislation
  • The 3 strains of AI regulation (audit, transparency, bans)
  • What to do now to prepare

Audience: Leaders and executives especially in compliance, legal, finance, HR, and IT

Available formats: live online, in person

Where AI is Taking HR

AI offers substantial opportunity in HR and people operations to streamline candidate sourcing, hiring, onboarding, and management. However, new technology will bring also bring new compliance obligations and new concerns regarding bias. 

We cover:

  • The state of the art of AI – and which “toys” will become “tools” in the next 18 months
  • The 3 pillars of safe AI in HR
  • A focus on bias in AI algorithms: why it exists and what to do about it 
  • New compliance and regulatory requirements for HR related to AI
    • Current regulations
    • Upcoming regulations
    • The “common threads” likely to be repeated by future regulations

Audience: HR leaders and executives

Available formats: live online, in person

Understanding AI Strategy: The 4 Lenses

This executive workshop, taught as a half or full-day, works executive and leadership teams through strategic visioning on the future of AI in your organization. AI will affect every function and every industry; winning teams are those who are able to see into the future and know where technology is going. 

We use the 4 lenses framework to think about AI:

  • Automation
  • Workforce transformation
  • Pace of change
  • Competitive parity and data-centrism

This is a custom workshop facilitated in-person. 

Audience: leadership teams, boards of directors

Board Oversight and AI Strategy

As we have seen over the last year, AI is advancing rapidly and is here to stay. It will impact the strategic priorities of every organization – including those in “non-technical” industries. Board directors (independent and private equity sponsors) will increasingly have the responsibility of guiding management teams – however, many directors don’t have the technical background needed to make their highest impact.

This workshop prepares boards to successfully manage AI in the organization. We will:

  • Discuss best practices for AI responsibility at the board and management team levels
  • Engage the Four Lenses framework for identifying strategic and competitive threats and opportunities
  • Understand the pitfalls to be navigated, including forthcoming regulatory compliance of AI systems
  • Navigate a healthy relationship between board oversight and the management team 

Audience: boards of directors and management teams of public, private-equity backed, and closely held companies

Format: presented live online or as a live workshop

Certification: Auditing of AI Algorithms for Non-Technical Leaders

Forthcoming legislation around the world will require the audit of AI systems, often for bias of protected classes. For example, the EU AI act will require organizations that do business in Europe to go through complicated and costly certification procedures. A new set of auditors is required – working both within organizations and as outside consultants. 

We cover:

  • Why audit? The ethical and practical underpinnings of audit requirements
  • Forthcoming regulations that will require audit
  • Technical basics of algorithmic systems 
  • Audit methodologies
  • Statistical measurement of bias

Available formats: Asynchronous, live online, in person 

Audience: compliance and technical professionals, within organizations as well as independent consultants