NYC AEDT Audit Intake

Thank you for taking the time to speak to us regarding compliance with New York City Local Law 144. As the first step towards AI compliance, we would like to work together with you to determine what hiring and people management tools require an audit per the terms of the law. Please fill out the form below. 

Your responses to this form are completely confidential and used only internally for project scoping purposes. This information is never distributed, sold, disclosed to third parties, or made public in any way.

This survey is an initial working document to get you and us both thinking about the list of tools that may require an audit under NYC 144. Note that we will schedule a follow-up call to go into these tools in more detail and generate a formal audit recommendation.

Please consider a list of all of the tools your organization uses for hiring, people management, and promotion. This might include: 

  • Your Applicant Tracking System
  • Resume screening tools
  • Any other job board software that pre-sorts applications
  • Interviewing software that provides any sort of score or judgment about the candidate; e.g. any system that rates candidate answers instead of simply, for example, recording interview answers on video for a human to watch later 
  • Any mechanism that sorts candidates
  • Any tool for assessing “cultural fit” or making any other subjective assessment of the candidate
  • Game-based interview tools
  • Any examinations given to applicants that gives go/no-go decisions AND any examinations that produce a score 
    • Feel free to list and we can discuss, but we do NOT believe that subjective testing that provides a “no right or wrong answer” result, such as Myers-Briggs tests
  • Any internal systems used to consider the promotion or horizontal hiring of current employees 

For context, the law requires tools that “substantially assist or replace discretionary decision-making” either “with no other factors considered OR used as “one of a set of criteria where the output is weighted more than any other criterion in the set, or to use a simplified output to overrule or modify conclusions derived from other factors including human decision-making 

Please list as many systems as possible; our preference is to work together with you to eliminate systems that do not require an audit, rather than to have systems that may end up requiring an audit be missed. 


Tool Name: HireVue

Describe this tool’s function: We use HireVue to conduct video interviews and use their automated texting service to stay engaged with candidates. 

Describe how this tool produces automated scoring, advance/no-advance decisions, filters candidates, or any other way you know or suspect it to be using algorithmic decision-making: We use HireVue to filter out candidates who don’t stay engaged with our hiring process


Note that this data is for our internal use in constructing an audit recommendation only and is never shared, never sold, and is used in compliance with our privacy and data policies. 

Audit Intake

Audit Intake


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