NYC Local Law 144 (NYC Bias Audit Law)– Vendor Partnerships

Help your clients comply accurately, quickly, and efficiently with the new New York Bias law

New York City’s Local Law 144 goes into effect on July 5, 2023. It requires employers using a wide range of automated hiring and employment tools to get an independent audit of those tools for racial and gender bias.

Providers of tools that are potentially regulated by this new law can benefit by conducting audit work in advance. Proceptual is able to conduct a universal audit and disseminate the results to your clients.

Having a ready-to-go compliance solution will allow your current and potential customers to use your product without fear of incurring substantial fines. 

New York City’s Local Law 144 goes into effect on July 5, 2023.

This creates a substantial new compliance obligation for your customers; to continue using your tool, they now have a new requirement for action.

Proceptual works actively with employers, vendors, law firms, and other interested parties to provide the compliance audits required by the law. We can help work with your customers to provide the most streamlined compliance possible.

By completing a Proceptual Vendor AEDT audit:

Your current customers can continue using your tools with confidence

Your sales operations can bring a new and distinct point of difference to the table

You help both your organization and your customers move this important DEI commitment forward

The most recent NYC guidance allows employers to make use of an audit conducted at the vendor level, with certain stipulations.
The guidance reads: 

A bias audit of an AEDT used by multiple employers or employment agencies may use the historical data of any employers or employment agencies that use the AEDT. However, an employer or employment agency may rely on a bias audit of an AEDT that uses the historical data of other employers or employment agencies only if it provided historical data from its use of the AEDT to the independent auditor for the bias audit or if it has never used the AEDT.

NY AEDT Compliance Law

Our vendor-level audits work as follows:


Step 1: Conduct a vendor-level audit of tools that fall under Local Law 144. Working directly with you, we can collect and analyze the required data and produce a universal audit document for the tool


Step 2: Reach out to your customers through your branded marketing channels, alerting them to this streamlined compliance solution


Step 3: Confirm the eligibility of interested individual employers to reach compliance through universal audit


Step 4: Disseminate compliance package to individual employers including audit results, links, and customized notification requirements. (In addition to the audit, New York Local Law 144 requires employers to disclose certain information about the use of automated tools to candidates).

Please reach out to us to schedule a consultation and learn how Proceptual can help you and your customers with this important new regulation.


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