Executives and HR leaders are in a challenging spot with regard to complying with the New York AEDT Law (Local Law 144 of 2021). On one hand, the law is set to go into effect 6 weeks from this writing, so compliance is urgent. On the other hand, the NYC Department of Consumer and Worker Protection is still soliciting public feedback and will likely have emerging guidance in advance of January 1. 

Here’s what we know as of November 15 

    1. AEDTL is still set to go into action on January 1. Despite a very tight compliance timeline, DCWP has given no indication that the timeline for compliance will move back. At the most recent public feedback session on November 4, several parties suggested a later deadline; clearly, many in the HR community are nervous about this date
    2. DCWP will likely release more guidance — but we don’t know what or when. DCWP released some guidance back in September, and have hinted that more is forthcoming following the November 4 public testimony. However, we have no timeline for that guidance, and no real reason to think it will even be in advance of the law going into effect. 

As more guidance emerges from DCWP, we will update our email list.